Workplace survey

A team of Canadian delegates are preparing for Lausanne’s 2019 Global Workplace Forum in Manila. In preparation, we want to better understand how we can best serve you as you live out your calling to live as Christ in your workplace.

Thank you for helping us facilitate conversations across Canada and assisting in mobilizing the 99% of Christians ideally positioned to impact our nation for Christ, by filling out the form below..

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a ) How can we empower and affirm believers in their daily ministry and mission wherever God has called them to work?
b ) What resources are needed to help believers be more effective in their workplace or marketplace.
a ) How do we cultivate a spirituality that functions in a volatile, complex, busy or even hostile environment?
b ) How do we deal with the pressures of the workplace and not simply survive but thrive?
a ) How will these factors shape the future nature of work and workplaces?
b ) How can we help those without resources or abilities to be future ready?
a ) How and what does it mean to breakdown this sacred secular divide?
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Your answers to the questions in this survey will be shared with workplace and Business As Missions teams to help them improve their ministry support, unless you indicate otherwise. Please select your preferred level of privacy.