Yes, I would like to facilitate a workplace discussion in my area. 

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Potential time of the event
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We want to be sure to reach a broad group of business professionals. Knowing who you plan to invite will help us plan meetings and ensure that all business groups have input.
Would you need a Lausanne representative to attend?

Thank you

Thank you for joining us in mobilizing a redefinition of effective Workplace Ministries. We cannot effect change without you, and those around you who are also passionate about seeing workplace professionals live out and be fulfilled in their calling.

augment your event

Add a few of these ideas to your event to make it more effective and engaging.


    Add a panel presentation to your workplace discussion. Include individuals like workplace professionals, millennials, local pastors, and workplace ministry leaders to add diversity into your conversation.

  • video engagement

    Offer video engagement to event attendees giving them the opportunity to share. Use someones HD phone to capture responses to some of these questions:

    • Do you feel called to your job?

    • How do you share your faith?

    • What are the challenges?

    • Do you meet with other Christians at work or do you have another Christian support network?

    • How could your church help?