Lausanne Canada Board of Directors

Barbara Shantz 2018.jpeg

Barbara Shantz
Board Member

Barbara was born in Canada to a first-generation immigrant family. She believes that the work of the Great Commission unites the global Church as a team. With Christ as our head and Revelation 7:9-12 as our vision statement, we look forward to seeing believers from every nation as part of the multitude who will one day, together, praise God for ever and ever!

After some 30 years in ministry with TWR (Trans World Radio), Barbara now has her own advising business, Give Way Visioneering, where she serves nonprofit clientele globally in the area of contextualized, local fundraising. Barbara also serves as a joint Catalyst for Ministry Fundraising, one of  Lausanne’s Issue Networks. She has a BS in business administration (Meredith College, 2017) and continues her quest for life-long learning in an MA program studying global organizational leadership with York College. Barbara and her husband, Steve, enjoy living in eastern Canada near their two children and four grandchildren.