Lausanne Canada Leadership


William W. Han
Executive Vice President

Will grew up in the countryside of South Korea and embarked on an adventure as an international student to Canada when he was 15 years old. Will has had many unique faith experiences from living in a buddhist monastery to sharing the gospel in unchartered villages in India, and he has a focused passion for sharing the gospel in multi-faith contexts. Will is an avid hobbyist and outdoorsman and his many interests enables him to connect with people from various backgrounds and faiths.

Before joining Lausanne Movement Canada, Will served as a congregational pastor for over 15 years. Early in his ministry years, Will discovered that a church is most greatly empowered when it is able to fellowship and partner with other churches and share together in mutual shortcomings and strengths, and since then he has been committed to Church unity with the goal of greater mission in the city. Will is committed to being a bridge for churches and mission organizations and has a calling to see God’s mission lived out in all realms of everyday life.