Lausanne Canada Leadership


Ruth Thorogood
Director, Communications

Ruth Thorogood is a speaker, author, entrepreneur, and adventurer. She served as Executive Director of The Word Guild and has served on various non-profit boards as chair and committee director. She will represent Canada at Lausanne’s 2019 Global Workplace Forum ‘Business As Mission’ in Manila, currently serves as Director of Communications for Lausanne Canada, and is a Canadian representative for the World Evangelical Alliance's Rise In Strength Global Consultation, in partnership together with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

On a more personal note, Ruth continues to teach and write devotionals about how God can change all areas of your life for television shows such as See Hear Love and on her website She documents her adventures with her husband at Thorogood Adventures, and continues to run her marketing company Thorogood Solutions to support individuals and non-profits that are investing in community or making a difference in the world.