The Lausanne Movement Canada

There are many important Christian associations and networks in Canada who do incredible work with the resources they have. But imagine how much more can be done when all of these organizations collaborate, leveraging the unique strengths and successes of each.

The Lausanne Movement Canada (LMC) was created to, and has become known as, a trusted neutral organization. Our job is to be a catalyst between all Christian groups, bringing them together to initiate strategic partnerships between assemblies, academia, agencies and businesses.

By hosting neutral events around key issue groups, they are able to come together, seek God in unity and collaboratively launch services for greater impact locally and nationally. The results have been astounding as inter-agency initiatives have been formed, inter-cultural bridges have been mended, and impressive approaches to issues have been developed.

Join us as we invite God’s community together to impact Canada for Christ.


lAUSANNE Canada is focusED on these issue networks

The Lausanne Movement has global networks dealing with 37 critical issues that are impacting the church and missions globally. In Canada, these are the issue networks we are focusing on in the next two years:

Workplace Mission

the mission of the 99 %
not in full-time ministry

we are all called | we are all sent

Mission on Monday



A Diaspora Church for a Diaspora Nation
global mission has come home

Mission in the Neighbourhood



Engaging technology to share the gospel.


2021 - cities

Collaborating and partnering together to engage our cities for Christ through inspiring Christ centered events.


International Students
the future of their countries
the future of ours

Mission on Campus



Reaching nations through the spoken word, arts and music.


media engagement

Renewed critical and creative engagement through media and technology.

Lausanne Movement
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