Lausanne Canada Board of Directors

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Albert Wai
Board Member, Treasurer

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Albert came to Toronto in 1982 with wife Daisy and daughter Ada. Though he already had an expatriate background with one of the largest banks in the world, he still had to go through the struggles of an average immigrant in establishing lives for the family and spiritual pursuit nonetheless.  However, the Lord also used this background of his to call him and Daisy to commit to foreign missions in 1986.  When his home church Richmond Hill Christian Community Church began thinking of building their own premises in 1988, the Lord inspired Albert to join the church staff as Administrative Secretary.  After the building construction was done, the Lord led him to serve in leadership in 3 Chinese parachurches before joining SEND International of Canada in 2001 to round up his passions on mission. 

In 2015, Dr. Cousins brought to Albert the equipping and mission needs of immigrants particularly after their influx into Toronto in the past 10 years.  Thus, Albert was seconded from SEND to TIM Centre for that purpose and now serves in the role of Diaspora Missional Church Network Coordinator. He graduated from Tyndale Seminary with his MTS, with an emphasis on missions in 2001.  Albert has been an active member of the Chinese Alumni Committee in Tyndale Seminary; founder of Perspectives Course in Chinese; founding board member of MissionFest Toronto; the longest standing board member of Lausanne Canada at 19 years; and boards of other parachurches.

Now, Albert and Daisy have 3 more children, named alphabetically Beatrice, Cedric and Dudon; and 4 grandchildren from their two daughters.